03 Apr 2021

Success Happens – Defending & Upholding Our Constitutional Rights

Guests: Ken (Kennerly) Davis, Former Deputy AG for Commonwealth of Virginia & Author of Revolution; Walter Charlton, Federal & Constitutional Attorney admitted to the Supreme Court.

Once again Americans are faced with federalized oppression of the people.  Now more than ever we must stand up against the oppression of so many by so few adorned with the power to control, mandate and mask U.S. citizens and our guests in order to control the masses.  This is not what our Founding Fathers designed. 

Federal power has usurped our Constitutional Rights.  Businesses and Consumers, workers and clergy, are all saddled with mandates that restrict one’s Constitutional Rights.  We The People must stand up for our inalienable rights against the few that would restrict them for political and geopolitical purposes.

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