13 Feb 2017

(In)Effective Communication

Recently I’ve become more aware than ever of the sensitivity around communication and importance of being powerful and effective when we communicate.  Everything we say and everything we do is communication.  Unfortunately, we are often misunderstood in the process.  I myself know – according to my husband – that I am often misunderstood.  Passion can sound like rantings, which are rarely or never effective.  In fact, they often achieve quite the opposite of our goal; they alienate us from people who otherwise would be our allies. 

So what do we do?  We stay true to our purpose.  We stay true to our values.  We stay true to our mission, whether it’s a personal mission or professional.  Ideally, it’s both.

And, we are all human.  And as a result we fail to communicate effectively on a fairly regular basis.  How do we clean it up when we fail to communicate what accurately represents our heart, mind, and spirit?  The best way I find . . . is to admit it.  Come clean.  Let people know you recognize that you made a mistake and that you are trying to improve your mission, reputation, or what have you.  And if someone does this with you, and admits they have been sending nastygrams, show compassion.  Forgive. Forget.  Let it go!  (And that’s my random thoughts for the day).

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