Need a Good Dose of Inspiration? Have You Been Looking for Success in All the Wrong Places?

Jen has worked in the public and private arenas, working in areas from fashion to finance.  She has helped thousands learn the essential skills and attitude for success and wants to help you do the same!  With these topics, you, your team and team members can transform into a powerhouse of success.

Get a Coach

Be a Coach

The modern workplace is competitive and we are increasingly scared to ask for help or give away our secrets to success.  Even in this cut-throat business environment, it is important for all of us to coach and be coached.

Jen will share her insights on why coaching is an essential part of a successful career and personal journey and how-to best approach coaching.  You will leave feeling confident in your ability to interact with positivity and openness, ready to be a coach and get a coach of your own.

Straight Talk

Not Mean Talk

Today’s world of emotional tip-toeing and corporate mishaps leaves us unwilling, and perhaps unable, to communicate directly with our peers and employees.  There is a way to engage in straight talk without ending up in your HR department.

Jen will explain how to maneuver the difficult emotional landscape of the current professional world balancing empathy and effectiveness.  Be ready to take your company culture and efficiency to the next level after learning the valuable secrets to straight talk, not mean talk.

Be Empowered in A Competitive Marketplace

Every step we take is under scrutiny – from bosses, peers, employees or even strangers.  With so many eyes on us, in reality or virtually, it is difficult to remain confident and empowered in your skills and choices.  Especially in a competitive workplace, we are tempted to second-guess ourselves.

Empowerment helps your confidence in addition to your ability to do work.  Jen can help guide you into more confidence and how to embrace your true strengths.  With empowerment comes opportunity to show your true ability, earning you everything from a smile in the elevator to the next big promotion.

Rediscover Your Passion

Finding our passion in the world is a life-long challenge.  Especially in our careers, we can find ourselves complacent and unhappy in our day-to-day life.  Without this passion, we find ourselves unable to be confident in the work we do.  What if you could find passion in and out of the workplace again?  Jen is here to help illuminate that path.

With tips and tricks to finding and growing passion, Jen will clarify why empowerment and passion is essential to all of our lives.  You will be ready to take the reins of your life back – moving forward with purpose and excitement.


Customize Your Topic

Is there a special topic you need addressed to take your group to the next level of success?  Do you need expert advice on communication, relationships or success?   Jen is able to customize a talk just for you.

Some problems are too specific to fit a common mold.  With any topic, Jen will help you navigate through difficult topics to help you and your group find success.